Stewart Freeman is a stained glass craftsman who specialises in panels for the doors of victorian and edwardian houses. The video shows the making of a panel as part of an installation for a front door, and follows its construction from designing to the finish. In doing so Stewart demonstrates skills and techniques that have hardly changed since the 11th Century.
Tony made this video as part of the City Lit Film School course.

This video is about Mary Pritchard's exhibition, dedicated to her mother Olive Aykroyd. In her twenties Olive was a research student at Trinity College, Dublin, where she gained a PhD in Zoology. The diagrams that Olive drew, as well as the microscope slides she made, inspired Mary with the work she created for the exhibition. The work she created includes photographs, cyanotypes and work using microscope slide images as a starting point.

Apple Market is within Covent Garden, London, and is seen preparing for a busy day, from first light. Music by Jim Moray taken from his album 'Sweet England’. This video was made as an exercise on the Film Documentary Course at City Lit, London.